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Adam Bubolz – Local Albums

Dante & The Lobster – Wonders Released just a few days into 2010 this album has stood up as a one off masterpiece as the band only released a single track outside of this. “Marine Life” is my favorite local song of probably the last couple decades.
False – untitled An unrelenting hour of black metal never lets go of you. False has created some of the best and most interesting metal in this town and nationally this decade.
Claps – Wreck Retro yet modern, Claps synth pop produced some of my favorite songs of the decade in “Across The Floor” and “Book Of Love”.
Uranium Club – All Of Them Naturals Somehow able to remain a cool mysterious image, Uranium Club’s jerky post punk about a fictional corporation has made them one of the best bands to watch on the rare chance you get to see them play.
Brute Heart – Lonely Hunter Incredibly unique trio that we all at Reviler dearly miss and top our “needs to reunite” list annually.
STNNNG – Smoke of My Will My favorite local band of 2 decades that also broke up this decade
Dreamless – All This Sorrow, All These Knives A slow motion crushing wave of sound over some great songs, we haven’t heard Dreamless since this. Come back!
Mother Of Fire – Mother Of Fire Another unique trio that dazzled over a couple albums. A band that you could see on a weeknight and wonder how they were not huge.
Animal Lover – Guilt The noise rock spirit of Minneapolis has never went away but there’s certain bands that transcend every once in a while and Animal Lover was definitely the one of the 2010s.
Real Numbers – Wordless Wonder Catchiest guitar pop that never disappoints.