Big V’s

Big V’s


(651) 645-8472

Venue: Close to the Turf Club, Big V’s is a popular no frills Midway dive.

Booking: Big V’s doesn’t book a lot of popular acts or touring bands, but they get a fair amount of more rock oriented locals

Concert Experience: Sound and lighting are standard for a venue of its size.  The stage is small and tucked in the back.  Midway has its share of creeps and weirdoes, and they occasionally wander in though cover charges often keep them away.   Only cash is accepted.

Drinks: Not a huge selection – beer and spirits available.  One would be advised not to have the wine.

Staff: A little on the grizzly side, but friendly enough.

Parking: Street parking is generally not too difficult, though you will probably have to walk a block or two.