Helen Teague – Best Concerts

Helen Teague

#1. Sleater Kinney @ Palace I got to film this IN THE PHOTO PIT for the Current’s livestream and then realized I was blushing because in that moment I discovered I had a huge crush on Carrie. SHE ABSOLUTEY SHREDDEDDDDDD
#2. Joan Jett @ Xcel Holy shit so technically this was opening up for Heart but Joan stole the entire show, it should’ve ended when she was done because her raw power overtook my body, I danced nonstop (in my assigned SEAT) the entire show and screamed out her lyrics and said “THAT’S MY MOM!!!!” to no one.
#3. Stereolab @ Mainroom Did this even happen? Or was it a dream? Every Stereolab song is something I would hear or come up with in a dream, and Laetitia’s voice lulled me into a trance, I am so glad I did not miss this.
#4. Shonen Knife @ Fineline WHAT! A! NIGHT! Black Widows, Kitten Forever, and then the ever talented, the ever bubbly and punk as fuck SHONEN KNIFE! I took some of my absolute best photos at this show. This was an extremely powerful night, and provoked a discussion on men at shows (especially women-fronted shows) and how much space they take up when they demand to be in the front.
#5. Deerhunter @ Fineline This was so fun to sit back and watch Chris G. and Darin K. do their photography thing while I got to relax and simply enjoy Deerhunter. So rocking, so quirky, a very positive night.
#6. The Drums @ Turf Club I danced this whole show, his voice is so tender. His actions are very poetic, intimate. Feeling like I was underwater, this was just a feel-good show.
#7. John Maus @ Mainroom FORWARD DRIVE ACROSS THE LINE. The whole floor danced. It was incredibly eerie to see John run around on stage, by himself, with no backing band or anything. It felt like a very special show to share with him as fans when an artist is going through an extremely tough time. It was simultaneously melancholic and fun.
#8. Broadcast Tribute Show @ Moonpalace Books This is what makes the MPLS music scene so special. So many bands coming together to perform and share their love of an artist taken away from us too soon. All of us with our little lyric sheets for Tears in the Typing Pool, singing together as if in church singing the hymns. But this was a church service I wanted to actually be at.
#9. Gully Boys as DEVO @ 7th Street It was Halloween, I didn’t have a solid plan, or any friends to go out and do things with. So I dressed up in my DEVO costume I had been planning for a whole year and watched Gully Boys have a blast covering one of my favorite quirky bands. AND THEN! I got to dance on stage with them to their final cover of Whip It in front of a sold out 7th Street. GREAT! HALLOWEEN!
#10. Light Asylum @ Loring Pasta Bar An honor to see this legend… to experience this raw performance, this music that is so striking. Light Asylum is power, anger, passion, to grace us with her presence? Again, an absolute honor and privilege.