Helen Teague – Best National Albums/Songs

Helen Teague

#1. Panda Bear – Flight (Digital Mix) This was originally vinyl-only release last year but he finally digitally released this!!! Which is great because I don’t own a vinyl player. I love this EP!!! Some of his best stuff imo.
#2. Tierra Whack – Only Child Didn’t realize when I was making lists for other publications that she had released this song THIS year, so I immediately had to make a change for these lists. I could dance to her all day.
#3. Orville Peck – Turn to Hate OKay I will admit I’ve listened to this on the light rail and silently cried in my seat while looking longingly out the window on my way to work because this song… it hits me so hard. “Don’t let my sorrow turn to hate”. I mean, too late for me AMIRIGHT FOLKS!
#4. Prince – Holly Rock My friend Betty and I were on our three week roadtrip when we stopped in a record shop in Denver and asked the shopkeep for some recs for our roadtrip. He picked out the Prince Originals CD and asked “have you guys heard of him” and we both looked at each other and laughed. “Good God!” Ugh Prince saying that… Betty and I agreed it’s so sexy and we can’t pinpoint why.
#5. Prince – Make-Up ALSO FROM PRINCE ORIGINALS! This song is HOT. Also listened to on repeat on our roadtrip, that whole album has a very special place in my heart (and ears).
#6. Sleater Kinney – LOVE The harmonies shouting LOVE in this make my heart skip a beat, THIS IS THE REAL SHIT. And seeing them play this live, in the photo pit….. I certainly fell in love.
#7. The Muffs – A Lovely Day Boo Hoo I discovered them when Kim Shattuck passed away this year. As I began listening, it felt so haunting and eerie to hear these things she was singing, and for her to not be here anymore. It was heartbreaking. I felt a strong connection to this band, similar to when I first discovered The Breeders and had my mind blown.
#8. Broken Social Scene – All I Want A good BSS song, I remember listening to it on repeat when it came out. BSS continues to surprise me with what they come up with, their work being so varied.
#9. Joan Jett – Fresh Start (Spotify Studios) So she TECHNICALLY released this last year but her live Spotify performance was just as powerful, I’ve listened to both versions on repeat. She DELIVERS this song live, recorded, etc. I love her!!! I love my mom.
#10. Shonen Knife – Sweet Candy Power CANDY! CANDY! Over 30 years of rocking,