Jon Behm – Best Minnesota Albums/Songs

Jon Behm

#1. Dua Saleh – Nur This one narrowly edged out Wolf Blood in the end but both are terrific albums. Dua Saleh is one of the most exciting talents to come out of our scene in some time.
#2. Wolf Blood – II This metal album is huge – it’s loud, dramatic, and bludgeoning but it’s also got a fair share of mystery and magic. I am no metal dude but I was an instant convert.
#3. The Nunnery – We Are the Stars For the longest time I didn’t even realize this band was local and finding out they are was an incredible surprise! Their record this year is a beautiful and weird amalgamation of looped vocal harmonies, ambient beats, and dreamy atmospherics.
#4. Betazoid – Scam Likely Really loved this album of mystical pop, especially the singing, whether the individual vocal acrobatics (namely by Tara Loeper & Lisa Harrigan) or the dreamy harmonies that include Emily Kastrul as well.
#5. Dizzy Fae – No GMO Mixtape Dizzy Fae continues to impress in everything they do. This one felt like Fae was exploring some new more experimental territory and it’s a good look.
#6. Jacob Pavek – NOME Pavek is a local composer that has put out consistently great moody and resonant piano compositions over the last few years. I keep expecting him to break out into the next level and this could be the record that does it.
#7. Lady Midnight – Death Before Mourning As a longtime fan of Malamanya (Midnight’s other band) it’s been amazing to see Lady Midnight come into her own as a solo artist.
#8. MaLLy – The Journey to a Smile Great to hear some new work from a longtime favorite after a fairly long wait. And also great to hear this new wise and reflective persona that MaLLy has transformed into over the years.
#9. Last Import – ST This is a great rock record full of punk and surf influences but not overly so. I could listen to “(Fast Times) at Space Mountain” for days.
#10. Hydropark – Circuit 2 I still need to spend some more time with this record but have loved what I have heard so far – futuristic dreamy electronica with elements of punk and synthpop.
#RU. Yon – Pulp EP Short, but a thrilling taste of what could be to come from this extremely talented local artist.
RU: Nova Human – ST/The Streets Really excited for this band’s forthcoming full length as the EP’s have been great. They have a reggae-inflected synthpop sound that I can’t get enough of.
RU: Smelkin Ernesto – Cambios Smelkin Ernesto rules – really dig the unique Columbian cum Minnesotan lo fi rock sound that he has created and can’t wait to hear what he does next.
RU. Kate Malanaphy – In and Under Just became familiar with Malanaphy’s moody and atmospheric style this year and was immediately hooked.


#1. Monica LaPlante – Tinted Light
#2. Dua Saleh – Warm Pants
#3. The Nunnery – Take a Walk
#4. MaLLy – Dear Whoever
#5. Betazoid – Candy
#6. Last Import – (Fast Times) at Space Mountain
#7. Green/Blue – Proto Caves
#8. Lady Midnight – Say It
#9. Yon – Smoke Signals
#10. Smellkin Ernesto – Now Wait