Josh Keller – Best Concerts


#1. Les Filles de Illighadad at Cedar 9/23 A band I’ve wanted to see forever play a free show at the Cedar…and it lives up to expectations.
#2. Altin Gun at Turf Club 7/30 One of my favorite records of the year brought to life in a sweaty, energetic Turf Club.
#3. Eric B & Rakim at Amsterdam 5/23 Even if this wasn’t the most **ahem** crisp show, seeing living legends is always amazing.
#4. Broder “Residency at the End of the World” at Turf Club (all four nights) Along with Drone Not Drones, this residency is my favorite part of winter here in Minnesota. Broder delivered again this year with an eclectic and exciting lineup.
#5. Darsombra at Kitty Cat Klub 9/19 A mind-bending show of post-rock on a shoestring budget. This was the best example I have ever seen how you don’t need a gigantic budget to make a totally trippy, psyched-out show.
#6. Blanck Mass, Helm, Steve Hauschildt at Zebulan (LA) 10/5 Some ambient/electronic legends sharing a small club stage in LA? Cool.
#7. Mdou Moctar & Invisible Boy at Cedar Mdou Moctar is a legend in the game and you should never miss him when he comes through town.
#8 Knife Knight, Lando Chill, Greg Grease at Icehouse Ish Butler is probably my favorite rapper of all time, so any of his projects are can’t-miss. Knife Knight was a project that I hadn’t dug into as much, but still was an awesome show with great opening acts.
#9. Drone Not Drone VI at Cedar Along with Broder’s residency, this is what helps me get through January. Another amazing year. Can’t wait for this year’s edition.
#10. Moon Duo at Rock and Roll Hotel (DC) 11/14 An amazing lo-fi light show backstopped the band playing their outstanding 2019 album.
Honorable Mention Resonance: A Sound Art Marathon at Walker Art Center 5/18; Green/Blue (debut show), Savak, Lazear at Moon Palace 4/5; Operators & Doomsqauds at Turf Club 5/29; Heliotrope VI at Heart of the Beast Theatre 5/30; Toth & Twain at National Sawdust 6/7; Purling Hiss at PhiliaMoca 7/11, Madison McFerrin 12/12