Venue: A newish venue located in the heart of Uptown.

Booking: A great spot that gives ample stage time to rising and established local acts

Concert Experience: The stage in the corner of the venue is barely off the ground, so if it is a popular band and you aren’t 6’4” and want to see them, get there early. The sound is just fine and the venue generally draws people who are there to listen to music, which is nice. There are a few tables and some couches in the back for people looking for a more low key experience.

Drinks: For being in Uptown, the drinks are actually quite reasonable.

Staff: No complaints from me.

Parking: It is Uptown folks. If you are willing to walk a few blocks, there is street parking off Lyndale and Lake. If you didn’t bring your walking shoes, hope for luck with meters or bring the cash because parking isn’t cheap.

Inside Scoop: Don’t let your skeptisim of Uptown keep you away. While it has the feel of a trendy /uptight bar, it will win you over in time and is providing a great location for our excellent music scene.