Glass Buds: Frozen Beach


Got a very mysterious song in my inbox the other day – “Frozen Beach” by unknown (at least to me) local band Glass Buds.  They describe the track as being “about being sick of winter and being cold, but feeling good and then feeling that fucking great warm sun for the first time of the year and getting drunk and crashing bicycles in the melting snow.”  To me it sounds like a temper tantrum in Finnish over a jumbled mix of blissed out psychedelic grooves.  I kind of like it.  Somehow it works – the instrumentation is a low-fi, densely layered, freak out that is arty enough to be interesting but at the same time not completely inaccessible.  I am a little more reserved about the lead singer’s incomprehensible shrieking, but at the same time I am intrigued enough to want to hear more.  The band has a split coming out soon with Floridian experimental band The Orchard Thief.

     — Jon Behm

Glass Buds – Frozen Beach


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