(The) Tony Castles: Pirates

(The) Tony Castles may be the next hype craze out of Brooklyn.  Or they might not.  Regardless of where the indie rabbit hole takes them, the fourpiece have a sound that is worth a listen.  Check out epic-length single “Pirates,” which combines synthy dream pop with jazzy, minimalist guitar shudders and squeels.  You can’t understand the lead vocalist because of (you probably guessed it) a generous wash of reverb.  Yeah, (The) Tony Castles share a few things in common with the current “Brooklyn sound” (distorted, retro, “experimental”) but that doesn’t necessarily mean their sound isn’t good.  I for one am excited to hear more.

     — Jon Behm

      1. (The) Tony Castles - Pirates

(The) Tony Castles:          Myspace

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