Introducing: Space Mountain and their new rustic alt-folk CS Supermundane on Forged Artifacts

There is a rustic dissonance to the folk music of Space Mountain, a musical equivalent of a wood cabin in the middle of overtly-connected, spastic world where we tremble for a dopamine hit from the buzz of our cell phone. Bringing to mind the work of the Woodsist crew (Woods, Kevin Morby, etc), you can listen to the chill new 9-song CS Supermundane below, which dropped today on the local label Forged Artifacts. While the presentation is detached and droll (in a good way), the music and lyrics are razor sharp, giving a vibe the reminded me of slacker folk by people like Bill Callahan. Supermundane is an understate record that is easy to like on first impression and, a few spins in, continues to grow on me. Check it out and buy it from the bandcamp link below.

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