Soak up some dreamy guitar pop from Candace (formerly local group Is/Is) // MN show Monday!

Local fans will remember Candace as the shoegazy dream-pop trio formerly known as Is/Is who flew the coop a few years back to move to Portlandia. If your memory stretches reaaaally far back, you’ll even remember some of the great pre-Is/Is bands like Gospel Gossip and First Communion Afterparty, among other bands that Candace members were in back in the day. Anyways…Candace are back with a new 7″, which you can partially preview above, and it finds them back in their wheelhouse of effect-drench guitar pop with a dreamy aftertaste, matched in this case with a video that attempts to capture the ethereal spirit of the song. It is a pretty-yet-muscular song that shows the band still have that magic touch of making hazy but accessible jams.

In addition to the forthcoming 7″, the group are on tour and will be back in Minnesota for a show at the Turf Club. Joining them will be fellow trio Waveless, the first ever show from local group Friendless Passenger and DJ sets from DJs Martha and Neil Weir. Music at 8:30 and it will cost you ten bucks. More details HERE.

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