Lauryn Hill To Perform At First Avenue

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4 Responses

  1. jonbehm says:

    Yikes. Well, I am still excited. Though $60.00 tix would definitely not be an option, especially considering that it seems like it would be a gamble…

  2. solace says:

    no way in hell i’ll be risking the $$ on this. so far the 2 shows she’s played have not only been pretty sketchy (and 2.5-3 hours late), she’s played a total of 10 songs each.

    i feel lucky to have seen her on the Smokin’ Grooves Tour @ Target Center in 2002 w/ The Roots, Outkast, Jurassic 5, & Cee-lo. It was a pretty good set, but solo and most of the material was off her very hit or miss Unplugged 2.0 album.

  3. jonbehm says:

    More negative reviews.

    I think it is a bit ironic that Prince of all people would leave her show early, considering he is probably one of the few artists out there who is even less cognizant of his fans than Lauryn Hill is

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