Introducing: Zina

Zina is a local solo artist who recently released her debut tape Furniture via (now) local label Night People.  There is not a wealth of detail available online on Zina so her music will have to speak for itself.  Luckily it makes a great impression! Furniture is a great collection of wistful synth pop songs, centered around Zina’s warmly rich alto vocals. What little public information is available on Zina is within her Night People tape description which informs us that she grew up in Guinea, spent time between there and France, and now resides in the Twin Cities.  To describe her music Zina says that “the goal of Furniture for her was to create a kind of soundtrack, pop songs that could be substituted into the movies she loves, with a comedic, social, playful, and melancholic soul to them.” It’s certainly not hard to imagine these songs helping to convey a bittersweet mood via the big screen.  Until they find their way into a film however you will just have to listen below and do your best to imagine – shouldn’t be hard as Zina’s done all the heavy lifting for you. 

     — Jon


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