ANOHNI is back with more weary, combative, amazing protest songs on the Paradise EP

Hopelessness by ANOHNI was my favorite LP of 2016. It was incredibly bleak, highlighting numerous heavy subjects with incredible production assists from Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawk. It was a dark album that lived up to its name (Hopelessness), and that was before Donald Trump became president. So it will surprise no one that the follow up EP, Paradise, doesn’t offer any rays of sunlight, at least from the titled track released ahead of its 3/24 release date (and I wouldn’t hold my breath for any of the other tracks taking up that mantle either).

It is another powerful song from one of the best, most distinctive artists of this decade, and makes me excited hear the whole EP next week, even if I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared for a whole new batch of songs with the emotional weight that this collection will certainly carry.

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