New Weird Australia x Fallopian Tunes

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  1. January 26, 2020

    […] “Every other month or so the avant-garde program New Weird Australia releases a compilation of tunes … Each collection is a gilt digital artifact of fresh composition, edgy-yet-accessible aesthetics, and solid cultural ambassadorship. For the latest compilation—called Gloss & Moss—NWA teamed up with a similarly Down Undered DIY electronica label, Fallopian Tunes. The team present starkly different sides of the continent’s underground music scene. The first half belongs to Fallopian Tunes, which chose eleven tracks of smooth ‘n’ throbbing bedroom electronica of various stripes. Although many of the featured artists operate in familiar genres—glitch, trance, beat tape—many songs are bolstered by found sounds and surprising noise samples … New Weird Australia curated the second half of the compilation … You’ll hear fuzzed-out dream pop, trudging kraut, and slow Eastern-influenced psych rock (a la Grails) … it goes without saying, you should download the entire New Weird Australia and Fallopian Tunes discography. Like, yesterday.” Reviler, June 2012 […]

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