BNLX: Do Without


Once again we give thanks to Sound Verite’ for pointing out this exciting new development over at Minneapolis’s Susstones label.  BLNX are a mysterious new “project” on the label who will be putting out a four song EP in the next few weeks.  If all four are as good as this slickly produced first single, “Do Without” then it could make for a very interesting listen.  The group’s sound has a lot of britpop swagger, but also incorporates some noise and punk elements that (combined with the female vocals) remind be a teensy bit of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.  You can check out the new band for the very first time on March 20, where they will be sharing a great bill at Sauce with Red Pens and Blue Sky Blackout.

— Jon Behm

      1. BLNX - Do Without


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4 Responses

  1. Yup yup, BLNX sound like contenders!

  2. Make that BNLX, especially the Interpol like “You Left Me”.

  3. Michael says:

    Mercurial Rage is also playing this show. FYI.

  4. Jimmy Jam says:

    BNLX rule the universe! Go see them!!

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