Keep Shelly in Athens “Our Own Dream”

I have really dug what I have heard from Keep Shelly in Athens, a duo from (surprise!) Athens, Greece.  The band just revealed they will be releasing a 12″ on the Gorilla vs Bear offshoot label Forest Family. While I still have a problem with blog linked labels (which should be a whole separate post), “On Our Own” continues the winning ways where the bands previous output left off. The track is a dizzying mix of ethereal vocals, buzzing synths and chilly atmospheric beeps and hisses, walking a tightrope between the current “witchhouse” trend and straight up noisy pop music. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the record. The band are touring, but like all highfaluting blog buzz bands, they didn’t realize there were cities between Chicago and the West Coast, so no Minneapolis dates.

Keep Shelly in Athens – Our Own Dream by Keep Shelly in Athens



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