Reviler at KCK Modern Radio Night #1

Tonight marks an event rarer than spotting a mother snow leopard in the wild. One of the Revilerers (me, Will) will be DJing at the Kitty Cat Klub and hangin’ out with fellow DJ B-Real (Cole of Daughters of the Sun), the fine folks from Modern Radio, the sassy song-slingers in local psych outfit Crimes, and some strangers from Canada. (Full deets here.) What’s that all aboot, eh? ONLY THE GREATEST UNDERGROUND MUSICAL COLLABORATION TO GRACE THE HALLOWED GROUND OF MINNEAPOLIS, THAT’S WHAT.  Be there or be in your dim apartment with no air conditioning watching Futurama reruns. Your choice, I guess.

—Will Wlizlo (@willwlizlo)

 P.S.: The other Reviler dudes will be taking turn for the following three Modern Radio nights. Their DJ sets are going to be strictly the Replacements, though, so come out tonight.

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  1. Adam Bubolz says:

    *Strictly last two albums Replacements and Westerberg solo

  2. Josh says:

    I will be playing Tapes N Tapes covering the Replacements in the style of the Jayhawks, with the guy from Soul Asylum on backing vocals. It is a super rare one sided 10″ that only real Minnesotans like me have.

  3. solace says:

    pressed only on 15″ vinyl

  4. adam says:

    sweet loon etching on the b-side too

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