Caribou: Swim Review

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2 Responses

  1. birch says:

    To be blunt, I’m disappointed with this record. Andorra really showed how unique Caribou was. That record gave me the sense that there wasn’t anyone who could match the magical area that Dan Snaith occupied. However, almost all of Swim falls flat to me. It’s almost like Dan was hanging out too much with Kieran Hebdan (Fourtet). In fact, Swim sounds like the tracks that didn’t make the cut for Kieran’s exceptional new Fourtet record. While there are a couple bright spots (I love the track “sun”), the rest of Swim sounds like someone just experimenting with mediocre house music and overlayering them with aimless samples that don’t add anything. Maybe I hold Caribou to unattainable standards, and maybe Swim will grow on me, but so far no I’m not impressed.

  2. Jon Behm says:

    Well, I can respect your opinion while being in disagreement. I think Snaith took a big chance with delving into colder, house-oriented territory and I think it paid off. While I absolutely loved Andorra, I think the change in Swim represents the fact that Snaith is still a growing artist who won’t get pinned down to a specific genre. In my mind that is a positive thing (not to mention the fact that Swim really resonated with me, musically speaking)

    Still, I am sure taht there are plenty of others who don’t feel the same as I do

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