Video: GB Leighton’s Laughable Twins Song

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16 Responses

  1. George says:

    Perhaps GB used up all his creative energy when he did that amazing Pizza Hut commercial?

  2. Adam Bubolz says:

    I was really hoping he would start playing the baseball bat like a guitar

  3. solace says:

    thankfully it was sanctioned by Fox Sports North and not actually an official Twins song!

  4. solace says:

    as awful as GB’s song is, it’s not nearly as bad as Scott Stapp’s song for the Marlins:


  5. Prince says:

    It’s still better than my vikings song.

  6. GB Rocker says:

    GB Leighton is by far the best Twin Cities Musician! This song will catch on and I am sorry for all of you narrow minded people that can not see that this is a great artist! Have you even listened to his work ? Don’t make judements until you unerstand his GREAT WORK.

    Thank You

  7. solace says:


    that has got to be a joke right…

  8. solace says:

    your rite, i will not make judement until i unerstand

  9. jonbehm says:

    solace, i dont think u relize jus how TRULY GREAT this video is

  10. mike jones says:

    He has some good tunes and I used to go and see him back when he was popular. He is still popular? Anyway, the twins tune is horrible.

  11. Soozie says:

    @Prince- thank you for finally admitting what an abomination you created with that Vikings song. And for making the announcement on Reviler, too.

    This is going to put us on the maps, guys! The google maps!

  12. If you want to hear the next Mn. Wild song, “It’s Wild Time”, co-written by Rick Misencik (lyrics) and Geoff Elvee (melody & vocals) go to and let us know what ya think.

  13. Soozie says:

    @Rick, do you really want us to do that after seeing the wonderful things we’ve said about the other sports themed songs?

  14. Patrick Milan says:

    We stood there and looked at each other and said, “they cannot be serious, right?” This is the best the Twins can do? I lurch for the remote when I see the damn promo coming. It will be a very long summer on FSN North if they keep using this piece of…. pro-motion.

  15. Bpitty says:

    I’m just embarrssed!! GB who?? I think my dog can howl a tune better that and would be more creative! I’m sorry to hear that they paired GB with the Twins.

  16. Tusk Hammerhard says:

    I understand what GB Rocker means when he says you have to understand his work. So I listened to it again and IT STILL SUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!

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