Sleeping in the Aviary: Great Vacation! Review

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3 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    Weird is a word 12 year olds use to describe something outside their comprehension. Nothing personal, but it tells me nothing about the subject at hand.

    Also, “The Very Next Day I Died” is a nihilist manifesto. It both affirms and negates the worth of the entire album, profoundly and superfluously.

    Irony may be on its way out in the pop sense, but it was only there in the first place because we’ve seen how all-pervasive it actually is. And its a dark motherfucker. This album may come off as ‘goofy’ in a sense, but only inasmuch as it laughs in the face of its own tragedy.

    I don’t mean to use your comment board as a soapbox. And I hope you’ll interpret my tone as engaging in a discussion, not trying to condescend.

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks for the comments Joel. I guess the only thing I would defend from what you said is my use of the word “weird.” I don’t think of it as a hollow word or something that is used in lieu of not knowing how to describe the record. I think the material is slightly off kilter, which to me is one of the highest compliments I can pay towards a band. If something isn’t “weird” I think of it as run of the mill and lacking in originality. Might not have been as eloquent as I would have liked, but just wanted to clarify it was meant as a compliment.

  3. Joel says:

    Fair enough. I guess we agree then. Cool.

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