Taking A Guess At The Rock The Garden 2011 Lineup

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  1. Guante says:

    This is always a fun post to watch.

    I actually just got into an e-argument over at Secrets of the City about the zoo’s concert lineup, and how different people define “diversity” in different ways. Hurray for the internet.

    But yeah, good picks. I’m not sure if they’d book Gayngs, though– wouldn’t their whole sound/vibe not really translate well to an outdoor/daytime show?

    My Awesome Improbable Longshot: Squirrel Nut Zippers.

  2. zoe says:

    oh god. please. no. mumford and sons. please.

    also, i agree with guante– i would have guessed gayngs too, but their fuzzy purple lights and balloon drops would totally be thrown off by the light of day.

    also also, each day i am prouder to be apart of the outstanding work of Reviler. Yall’s sarcastic cynicism never ceases to entertain me. mad love.

  3. zoe says:

    another also: my most terrifying prospect would probably be the hold steady. or tapes n’ tapes. sorry that i’m a hater.

  4. Chad says:

    Trampled by Turtles just announced their last Twin Cities show this year will be the Cabooze outdoor plaza in July, so I’d say they’re out. The Black Keys are playing Roy Wilks in July so they’re out. I like the other guesses. Here are mine.

    Headliner: The Hold Steady
    Second: Mumford & Sons
    Third: Low
    Fourth: Jeremy Messersmith or Dessa

  5. solace says:

    Mumford & Sons are definitely not playing it…

    they have 2 shows in Denver the days before and one in Telluride, CO the day after.

    pretty sure My Morning Jacket are playing it.

    wouldn’t be surprised if Phantogram do too

  6. solace says:

    my guess:

    My Morning Jacket
    Local Natives or Fleet Foxes
    Smith Westerns or Phantogram
    Jeremy Messersmith or Dessa or TBT

    my wishlist:

    My Morning Jacket
    The Roots
    Explosions In The Sky

  7. steveskavnak says:

    Dawes should be ruled out, too. They’re out on the west coast during RTG. I agree with Kyle on MMJ…wouldn’t be shocked if Local Natives, Peter Bjorn & John or Fleet Foxes were in the middle.

  8. Adam Bubolz says:

    They should just have AC/DC play it and call it good

  9. solace says:

    i kinda hope you’re not right on PB&J Steve…

    they’re fine and all, but i honestly like maybe a half dozen of their songs and didn’t think they were that great live years ago

  10. solace says:

    Matt & Kim are also out (playing elsewhere on 6/18), thank god

  11. Chad says:

    My Morning Jacket would kick arse! Even though I’ve been hoping for a show here on their new tour, I never thought of them as a Rock the Garden band.

  12. solace says:

    they play in Chicago on June 17th (day before RTG) and their next gig isn’t until 6/22 in LA

    i would be surprised if they don’t play it

  13. solace says:

    oh and good point about TBT playing the Cabooze, hadn’t noticed that yet.

  14. solace says:

    hmm… looking more closely, Mumford have 2 days between Denver & Telluride, but i still would be surprised if that happens as they’d have to fly back and rent everything then fly right back and drive all the way to Telluride from Denver.

  15. Matt says:

    This just in:

    Pulp to play “The Queen is Dead”
    Fucked Up to play “Rocket to Russia”
    The Shins to play “Sounds of Silence”
    Red Pens to play “Let It Be”

    Seriously though, it’d be awesome if MMJ and Fleet Foxes played.

  16. solace says:

    FF are probably somewhat of a longshot as they’ve got shows in the UK 2 weeks before RTG and a week after, but certainly possible.

  17. steveskavnak says:

    I’m thinking it’ll look like this:

    My Morning Jacket
    Local Natives
    Peter Bjorn & John or Smith Westerns
    Rogue Valley or Dessa

    I’d like to see (but know it won’t happen):

    Belle & Sebastian
    Ryan Adams
    12 Rods Reunion

    I would not like to see:

    Animal Collective/Panda Bear
    Edward Sharpe (or Alexander)
    G Love and/or Special Sauce
    GB Leighton

  18. Adam Bubolz says:

    I’ll also repeat what I said last year:

    Here’s the lineup it’d take to get me to attend:
    Os Mutantes
    Dengue Fever

  19. solace says:

    Steve, did you watch any of Yuck’s SXSW webcasts?

    sadly they seemed really dull live, and the people i know who saw them in person felt that way too 🙁

  20. Matt says:

    Dang. Yuck is one of my most anticipated at PK4…

  21. solace says:

    oh, i wouldn’t be that surprised if ‘Fitz & The Tantrums’ might not be the 2nd opener too, forgot that one

  22. solace says:

    oh, i wouldn’t be that surprised if ‘Fitz & The Tantrums’ might not be the 2nd opener too, forgot that one

  23. steveskavnak says:

    Yeah Kyle, I watched the KEXP one…they don’t seem the best live, but I would take them as the 2nd band just to hear the songs outdoors. Would you rather have them or PB&J? 🙂

  24. solace says:


    that’s a tough call… i’d be indifferent towards both kinda 😉

  25. steveskavnak says:

    I’ve heard the Current use the term “keeping mum” twice now when referring to the RTG lineup. Mumford & Sons may indeed fly in-and-out.

  26. Adam Bubolz says:

    I think that’s just how Mark Wheat talks

  27. solace says:

    if they do play, it’s all your fault

  28. steveskavnak says:

    If they do headline, can’t we just blame Cities 97 for not booking them for the Basilica?

  29. Adam Bubolz says:

    If they play, I’ll hold a benefit show to fly in Mark E Smith to throw a bottle at them again

  30. jonbehm says:

    In that case, I hope they do play then

  31. Jake says:

    I’m not liking the Mumford talk, and although I like MMJ, I can’t say I’m dying to see them live. Too bad Okkervil River is in town prior to this, because they would be a great choice.

  32. solace says:

    i wouldn’t worry too much about the Mumford talk Jake.

    as for MMJ, have you ever seen them live? because if you have, i’m surprised to hear you say that.

  33. sleepy says:

    DING DING DING …… Zoe for the win. She nailed my thoughts to a T!

  34. sleepy says:

    I will supply the bottles to throw at at Mumford and Sons.

  35. Jake says:

    I have not seen MMJ, or any form of Jim James, beyond anything on ACL. I also have to admit that I never listened to Evil Urges. Never struck me as something I needed to hear. Listening to “Circuital” as we speak, though.

  36. Josh says:

    Cher? I say spill the beans, simply because it would piss so many people off.

  37. jonbehm says:

    spill em

  38. solace says:

    Jake, Evil Urges is MMJ’s worst album by a WIDE margin. check out At Dawn, Z, and It Still Moves.

    and live they are one of the more exciting rock acts around IMO.

  39. solace says:

    although nevermind… 2007 had two “locals”, Bon Iver as the first act and Cloud Cult second.

  40. Chad says:

    who is the other local you heard was playing?

    My Morning Jacket’s album “Z”, is one of my favorite album ever. I agree with solace that “Evil Urges” isn’t their best.

  41. solace says:

    oh, just the first act has always been a “local” somewhat (Bon Iver in 2007, Solid Gold in 2008, Retribution Gospel Choir in 2009) is all

  42. Jake says:

    I have heard their other albums, I just never listened to Evil Urges. I’m not an MMJ newbie, I just don’t feel like they would be an exhilarating live act.

  43. jonbehm says:

    What, you don’t find self-indulgent endless guitar noodling exhilarating? You must be crazy

  44. solace says:

    Jake, well, i hope you’re converted 🙂
    their shows at the Ascot Room, Fine Line & Entry are some of my favorite eve.r

    and Jon, they aren’t very noodley at all honestly…

  45. jonbehm says:

    noodles, I say!

    never thought I would hear the words “Ascot Room” and “favorite show” used in the same sentence from you though solace! 😉

  46. solace says:

    as much as i do love At Dawn, Z, & It Still Moves, their live show has been the reason i’ve been a huge fan the last decade.

  47. solace says:

    Noodely = Nels Cline.

    none of their guitar work is even remotely like that… it’s actually pretty concise compared to most of their peers.


  48. jonbehm says:

    You leave Nels out of this!

    Haha, I kid. Jake, honestly I have heard from multiple people that the MMJ live show is suppsedly great if you are a fan. I am not really into them so I just don’t think I would enjoy it.

    If you like MMJ though you should probably try to see them live

  49. solace says:

    yeah… that’s what i tell people, if you’re even remotely interested, it’s worth your time live. that’s the main reason they’ve got the following they do, not because of any of their records really.

    and if you’re not a fan, hopefully you’ll at least appreciate their tight musicianship and great light show 😉

  50. jonbehm says:

    Just pray the band doesn’t let Carl Broemel play any of his solo shit

  51. solace says:


    i actually prefer the old lineup of the band with Johnny Quaid on guitar and Danny Cash on keys that they had up until 2004.

    new lineup is very solid too tho

  52. Jake says:

    I don’t really read this site much, and I’m regretting that because you all seem like a friendly, informed lot. I’m going to go out on a limb and trust your opinions. If the 3/4 lineup listed above is correct, I will definitely be at RTG this year.

    Anybody heard this Jezabels band yet? I can’t stop listening, but I feel like they’ll be relevant for only about 6 more months.

  53. solace says:

    still better than ‘Walk It Off’ tho :/

    any headliner is better than MGMT last year tho. what a joke

  54. steveskavnak says:

    Yup, they have an ‘actual’ headliner this year.

    I’m still hoping for Roxette.

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