W-H-I-T-E: Twin Tigers Review


The first track on Corey Thomas Hanson’s (W-H-I-T-E) debut album, Twin Tigers, contains a propulsive drum beat that, throughout the song, seems poised on the verge of shaking the tune over the deep end into something frenzied and chaotic.  That jump off point never comes – “Fountain” is a cloudy synth drenched jam that, despite its peppy rhythm, floats by in a drowsy haze.  And throughout the rest of the record Hanson makes a habit of defying such expectations.  He fills out his style’s dream pop parameters with unexpected stylistic flourishes and sonic minutia that demonstrate a keen ear for detail as well as a willingness to challenge himself.  In Twin Tigers’ ten tracks Hanson dabbles in tribal beats, world music sampling, pitch distortion, as well as a host of electronic bells and whistles.  “So… Animal Collective then?” you might be tempted to think – and admittedly you wouldn’t be that far off.  However W-H-I-T-E’s orchestrations don’t really have as much in common with the Ac crew as they do with say, Avey Tare’s waterlogged solo debut Down There.

But to try and explain Hanson’s music solely in terms of another musician’s sound doesn’t really do him justice.  Twin Tigers is a collection of ten unique tunes, all of which show a great deal of promise for the young artist.  “See the Blood,” punctuates a melancholy piano/synth score with an electronic pitter patter that sounds a bit like the distant chit chat of robotic birds.  “Catacomb Your Hair” samples breathing and various wind noises over delicate electric guitar picking and Hanson’s emotive wail.  “Mondo Magic” loops polyrhythmic beats and animalistic noises underneath heavy organ drone.  And while these and the rest of Twin Tigers are grouped together by their shared motifs of cold, dreamy synths and lonely, affecting vocals – they also demonstrate Hanson’s willingness to push his boundaries and play around the edges of his style.   Twin Tigers is a better debut then most aspiring musicians could ever hope for – and hopefully it is just the beginning for the talented Corey Thomas Hanson.

— Jon Behm

      1. W-H-I-T-E - Fountain

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