Four Local Arts Things to Watch Instead of Click to Pick

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  1. tim krause says:

    wow SO disappointed in that elite gymnastics comment. Honestly it is fine if you are introverted or a band that exists more in the blogsphere than at the medusa (can definitely be a good thing). But don’t bash minneapolis because you don’t know about it. I guess hating on yr hometown is a cool answer though. Man life is so tough, enjoying all that blogbuzz from popculture megasite pitchfork, while other minneapolis bands play show after show and can’t even buy adspace on those sorts of sites. Josh Clancy should have answered that question, someone with TANGIBLE insight on the minneapolis music scene.

    these are reasons why people leave minneapolis(myself included). minneapolis is too small of a blip on the radar screen of the youth art/music/diy scene for it to be as cliquey as it is. there is so much potential (1419, moon glyph, food pyramid) but the in fighting just hurts the whole community. I am not preaching some hippy bullshit lovefest, but at least try to be knowledgeable about yr peers. Minneapolis has enough intangible problems (distance from other major cities, weather, shitty fire chief) it doesn’t need some internet buzz band bashing it.

    I guess when elite gymnastics recieves a 6.something from their pals rollingstonefork (tapes n’ tapes) at least they will be able to take solace in knowing their hardcore minneapolis fanbase always has their back…

    -tim krause (coral legs, former 1419 fun organizer)

  2. Matt says:

    I was also taken aback by that comment from EG. Well said, Tim. Good thing is Moon Glyph have been getting some love – especially Food Pyramid – rightly so.

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