Six Slam Sick Day: Even Sicker

Six bands to get you through your own sick day!

Everybody is getting the goddamned flu, and who would we be at Reviler if we didn’t join the fun! I don’t remember raising my hand, but apparently I qualified so well that I was out of work for four days. Here are six songs that have been keeping me company holed up in my south Minneapolis two-story. I hope they help you, too, sicko!


I have been in love with this guy since I was recommended his solo work. I play a little horn myself, but not like Stetson. No, sir; not like Colin Stetson.

Youngs’s classic sing-song album Beyond the Valley of Ultra-Hits sort of changed my life when I found it in college. That being the most cliched thing I think I’ve ever written, I come back to this aural chocolate cake whenever I’m feeling worn-down or otherwise vulnerable. 

I’ve had a few ‘Eureka’ moments in my time as a guitar player and hearing this band for the first time was definitely one of them. California’s Mermen have been killing space-surf for the better part of twenty-five years, and although their discography has been intermitandt the last decade or so, luckily their well is far from dry.

This is my favorite long song from my favorite side project. With their third release as MEB, the LA unit really tied their sound together nicely with melody, emotion, and mariachi horns. Viva la amor!

One of my favorite tracks from Scotland’s best’s last album. Two possessives do not make a positive, Adam. Oh, well. This song sure is good.

My favorite track from Do Make Say Think’s latest release, and a fine way to wrap this little playlist tightly together. Love, love, love that finger-pickin’ main melody. Glad these folks are still going strong. Eight years was too long for new DMST. Don’t let it happen again.


Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson lives in Minneapolis with his wife, cats, and guitars.
Adam Johnson

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