Orpheum Theater

The Orpheum Theater


(612) 339-7007

Venue: Gargantuan Theater District venue with a palatial interior

Booking: Musical performances are rarer than theatrical ones, but are generally pretty popular bands (enough to fill a 2500+ seat capacity).

Concert Experience: If you are in a far away seat the experience can seem a bit like seeing an arena show, but the top notch lighting and sound generally makes most seats good ones.

Drinks: They take credit cards but only serve crappy beer.  There is a selection of liquor and wine as well (pricey)

Staff: Nice, large staff.  Every stage door (there are quite a few of them) has an attendant

Parking: Downtown Minneapolis, so difficult, but the area around the St. Thomas campus has some nearby street spots.

Inside Scoop: Shows often don’t fill up until right before the headliner starts – so don’t bother trying to hop into better seats during the openers – chances are you will get chucked back.