Wize Guyz: “Made Up My Mind”

New local Hip Hop duo Wize Guyz begin their single “Made Up My Mind” with an (intentional?) ode to Dr. Dre’s ’92 song “Stranded On Death Row” by mimicking that song’s “three types of people in this world” spiel (although not quite word for word).  And listening to the rest of their debut record ’85 it seems apparent that the duo is as influenced by the more formative years of rap as they are the Lil Wayne’s of the world.  Utilizing beats that bring to mind everything from jazz to disco, Wize Guyz lay down hard, streetwise lyrics that are reminiscent of the days when rappers were judged according to their verbal dexterity.  Check out the lead single below and if you dig it you can find the rest of ’85 here.

— Jon Behm

Wize Guyz – Made Up My Mind

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