Lana Del Rey: Born To Die Review (Three Takes)

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7 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Love or hate, if she comes to the Twin Cities, you know everyone’s going to try and get a piece of that action.

  2. jonbehm says:

    I don’t deny that she would be interesting to photograph – but I would have little interest in going to one of her shows for any other reason

  3. josh says:

    I can say unequivocally that I would not waste a night to see her perform, even if I was on the list. Especially considering that I would guess it would be an annoying crowd.

  4. Jon says:

    Why am I so fascinated with her? WHY? I mean, Willie can vouch for me – I always find a way to bring it all back to Lana.

  5. jonbehm says:

    Maybe you’re the only one who really understands her?

  6. Will Wlizlo says:

    Dear Jon S.,

    Although you may not realize it yet, you want just as much as the rest of us to be chewed up, spit out, and flushed by the music industry, only to wind up in a trailer park applying candy-apple red lipstick every 20 minutes, waiting for you next big break (which is never going to come) and smoking broken, soggy Virginia Slims (which will ultimately kill you).

    Does that clear things up?

  7. solace says:

    girl is awful and has the laziest “singing” voice i’ve heard in a long long time.

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