Blitzen Trapper: Destroyer of the Void Review (Four Takes)

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5 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    At least their concert here in Minneapolis will be made extra better with Avi Buffalo opening up.

  2. Jon Behm says:

    I have seen BT live now five times, and four of those show were pretty terrible. The one time they weren’t was absolutely sublime, but that seems to be the exception to the rule. I don’t know how keen I will be to see them this time around, even with Avi Buffalo opening.

  3. Jon says:

    I’m there for Avi hands down. Those kids are on the verge of something huge and considering how incredible their debut is for a bunch of 18 year olds, I can only imagine how mature their sound is going to get.

  4. solace says:

    Blitzen Trapper are definitely hit or miss… of the 5 shows i’ve seen, 2 were great, 1 was decent and the other 2 weren’t very good at all (esp. their last First Ave show)

    i’ll be at Heartless Bastards & The Builders and Butchers @ Varsity that night instead

  5. Miffed with fragmented sentences and misplaced commas says:

    I am going to start a drinking game. Every “innocuous” that Behm utters will fill my belly with a nice cold glass of water. Now that’s REFRESHING!

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