Photos: Buzzcocks at the Fine Line

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5 Responses

  1. jonbehm says:

    Am kind of sorry I missed this but am not sorry to have skipped the Fine Line. Caught these guys at the Triple Rock last time they came through town and it was pretty wild (for a bunch of old timers 😉 )

  2. solace says:

    the show was f’n awesome, regardless of venue (plus it wasn’t super packed and they had the AC cranked). def better than the Triple Rock gig (mostly because they played their first 2 albums in order and no new stuff)

  3. solace says:

    oh yeah, KILLER photos Adam… i figured you were gonna get some great ones (esp. the last few when he killed that mic stand :D)

  4. Erik Hess says:

    Whoa, AWESOME. Wish I had broken down and just paid the $20. 🙂

  5. Adam Bubolz says:

    Thanks everyone, this was awesome to shoot. Great show as well.

    I forgot to post this guitar throwing shot as part of this:

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