Justin Townes Earle: Harlem River Blues Review (Four Takes)

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7 Responses

  1. Keith says:

    disclaimer: i’m not a huge fan of Justin’s music, in fact i’ve only heard a few of his songs.

    jesus christ Lauren’s review is one of the WORST things this site has ever posted. i’d hope you would have a bit more quality control with your contributors than that. i’ve graded 8th grade level papers with better grammar and sentence structure.

  2. Lauren says:

    LOLZZZZ Keith. PLEASE tell me you are not an ACTUAL 8th grade teacher. You TOTALLY forgot to capitalize both ‘Jesus’ AND ‘Christ’ in your comment above, like what the HELL were you THINKING when you posted that!?

  3. Joe says:

    Anyone who references Chris Gaines as their pivot to country music, obviously misses the point.


    Can someone please get her a Lady Gaga album to review?

  4. andre says:

    dear lauren,
    I will literally come give you a hug right now if you just promise me you will just never make another REVIEW like this ever again holy shit.

    get a clue, your review was one of the worst i’ve ever read on every level. you should be banned from writing music reviews till the end of time.

  5. Stoney says:

    To stress, yet again, your thought of Chris Gaines being the foundation to which you compare country music excellence is more than laughable, it’s downright idiotic. There are far too many acts posing as country and that certainly includes Gaines, falling into the same group as Garth Brooks, the Dixie Chicks, etc…, you get my point – not a lick of originality.

    I’m not a huge country fan either but do know when there’s someone who has some balls to make a change and right/wrong/indifferent, JTE does it well and along the same vein as some the greats like Townes Van Zandt, Emmy Lou Harris, etc…, and incidentally had the same type of reviews when they first started.

    Saw him at the Iron Horse in MA playing by himself and was hugely impressed. At $14 a ticket, it was steal and worth every penny. Some of the new tunes on the album skew your view on his real genius, which is to mix country genres so well and do most of it finger picking tennessee-style which is unbelievably hard.

    Take some time and see him live, you’ll at least respect his talent, or at minimum, stop you from writing awful reviews.

  6. Soozie says:

    OK, do none of you people get that the Chris Gaines thing was a joke on her part?

  7. adam says:

    Her ‘Chris Gaines’ comment might have been a joke, but that doesn’t make the review any better. The other three were well written and showed a level of knowledge and thought.

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