We Went There: Sufjan Stevens @ Orpheum Theater

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3 Responses

  1. Soundislove says:

    Correction: “Sufjan Steven’s songwriting workshop”. Good review, glad people enjoyed this more than the Star Tribune would lead you to believe. And some variation of “that was crazy” was definitely a common response around me as well. It’s too bad (some) people expect polished, “perfected playing” instead of an honest wholesome attempt at being “real” sonically. When is the last time an artist you saw played a 27 minute track live? (except for that symphony you saw with great aunt Gene). I think the beauty of the show Saturday was simply that Sufjan would play until the songs actually unraveled/ fell apart on their own, a sign that the artist is here for the actual music and not to clone the studio. If you want studio recordings, listen to the radio, but If you want to hear music beyond the veil of sterilized production, find a seat in a live environment. Sufjan took everyone on a cosmic journey, and for many, outside their musical comfort zone. This should not negate anything however, but ensure that the audience is not going to eat at another McDonald’s. Much applause for Sufjan.

  2. Jon says:

    I thought this show was mind-blowing. It illustrates how not every artist has to be perfectly polished, and Sufjan forgetting lyrics was more humbling than anything since everyone realizes how insanely complex his material has proven to be. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on stage.

    It also helps that he is educated and thoughtful about the music he creates compared to 50% of the fluff that many hot and popular indie bands are putting out right now.

  3. solace says:

    i didn’t think the show was AMAZING, but it was far from bad like Chris seemed to think.

    i’d put it towards the middle of the 4x i’ve seen him. there were certainly plenty of highs, and a few miscues, but it was still endearing and engaging even when I wasn’t totally digging it, and you have to appreciate that.

    i felt like it ended on kind of an anti-climatic note, with a somewhat shaky version of ‘The Dress Looks Nice On You’, but ah well.

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