Bill Callahan: Apocalypse Review

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  1. Ben Jones says:

    It’s great to read such a positive write up of such a fantastic record; a shame, then, that the reviewer repeatedly invokes “nuance” while at the same time reducing Callahan’s deadpan, abstract and self-consciously asubjective lyricism to clunking banalities like “some kind of conflict in the artist’s psyche.” Also, is it really too much to ask that reviews are proof-read by someone with a working knowledge of the English language? This effort is chock full of grammatical errors and second-rate stylistic repetition.

  2. jonbehm says:

    “asubjective” isn’t a real word, smart guy.

  1. April 4, 2011

    […] “Riding for the Feeling,” dips back into the singer’s folk/country roots, arranging a beautifully melancholy melody around the idea of someone reaching the end of their life (or career) and realizing how little they have done, how little they have said. In the song Callahan muses how should have perhaps, focused more on “riding for the feeling,” the lovely idea of doing something amazing solely for the way it makes one feel. ”Riding” sounds quite a bit like the swan song on an artist ready to hang up their spurs, though hopefully this isn’t the case for Callahan. (Source) […]

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