Dirty Three: "Toward The Low Sun" Review

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  1. Dave says:

    Dirty Three At WOMADelaide.

    Having heard much noise about the Dirty Three and having seen the Bad Seeds in concert I was interested to see what all the fuss was about so I went along to catch their WOMAD gig in Adelaide last night.

    Crowds packed in front of the stage to watch the guys do their thing and there were hoots of excitement from sections of the audience as they took to the stage.
    It was not long however before large sections of the crowd broke away and headed off to see what else was playing as the Dirty Three launched into what can only really best be described as a cacophony of sound.

    For the duration of the performance the front man had his back to the audience and although jumping manically about the place rarely gave an indication that he was performing to a crowd except to yell and hoot inaudibly at times.

    The first few numbers sounded entirely improv and as my friend asked “do you think they even rehearsed this?” they launched into another song which sounded more like a live jam session than a rehearsed performance. ..

    Following repetitive introductions from a clearly intoxicated front man who seems to have written most of his songs about his email collection, the band lurched into a song which would have sounded like a nice ballad if it were not for the constant smashing of drums which contributed little but to drown out the rest of the band.

    By the time the Dirty Three were into their fourth song many of the audience, apparently unimpressed with what I would describe as self indulgence, were walking away, leaving behind those who were perhaps more interested in spectacle than musicianship.

    My lasting impression of the Dirty Three as I joined the throng of people heading toward the exit was that if I had paid money to watch them I would have been left feeling short changed.

    We were made aware during the introduction of the band’s impressive involvement in the Australian music scene. However, following their performance at WOMAD last night, I am inclined to think that perhaps they have allowed their reputations to go to their heads because their performance last night left much to be desired.

    I have to say that while they can obviously play their instruments (and in parts there were sections that sounded melodic and even pretty), as an ensemble they sounded detached and unrehearsed and far too often fell back on a wall of sound that lacked finesse and was hard to watch.

    Audiences deserve a bit better really!

  2. jonbehm says:

    Maybe the Dirty Three just aren’t your thing?

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