Beach House: Bloom Review (Four Takes)

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4 Responses

  1. solace says:

    best album of the year for me by a wide margin… nothing even comes close.

    and while they haven’t changed the formula a TON (honestly loved the first one, was rather disappointed with Devotion, and Teen Dream was my fave record of 2010), it’s a formula that i find stunning and gorgeous most of the time. it doesn’t hurt that Victoria is my favorite female vocalist of the last 5+ years.

    while this record doesn’t quite have the highs of Teen Dream, it’s a better sounding and more fleshed out full listen for me. i really hope the version y’all reviewed had the full version of Other People and the hidden track at the end of Irene, as those add a lot too.

    thinking this will be the first 9.0+ of the year next week on the site that shall remain nameless.

  2. Adam says:

    So I’m finally getting around to Beach House and I really like this. Have I become you guys now?

  3. jonbehm says:

    You can pick up my torch where I dropped it because I am finally starting to get tired of hearing them

  4. Adam says:

    If I get into Bon Iver I trust you guys will stage an intervention

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