Poliça: Give You The Ghost Review (Three Takes)

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  1. Jim Meyer says:

    Thanks, gents. It’s too bad this record has to be judged in the light of sooooo much hype, but that’s not your fault (ahem). You guys were impressively honest and fair. Keep up the good work. I also notice that Four Takes has been having three lately, but that might not be all bad if it allows each one more depth.

  2. jonbehm says:

    Thanks Jim – occasionally we run with three takes if someone drops out of the mix at the last minute or if there is limited interest.

  3. Guys I really respect this review and the others you post. Nice job on the site. Been reading it for a while, before it morphed. Don’t ever kiss anyone’s ass in the Minneapolis scene.

    The one bone I have with Jon’s short tidbit is actually on Howler! The logic isn’t very critical.. maybe I’m being a shithead/stickler, (after all I did get in the top 3% for analytical writing on the GMAT), but… but.. let me know if you see where I’m coming from:

    “Sure, we still overlook bands….but at least most of the bands we have been honing in on lately aren’t completely terrible (with notable exceptions like Howler).”

    Assuming “we” is Minneapolis…

    Be clear – they are not a Minneapolis hype band. They were picked from the lot from a UK record label, a very famous one I might add, and now they are being promoted by that label internationally. Locally, they now have 89.3 and print media hype, but it’s only based on their international accolades. So it’s a totally different apple than Polica. It just is.

    Hey, if Polica wasn’t from a few different “somewhat popular” local bands before starting this hype beast, were not friends with the most important gatekeepers in the current scene, produced by gayng’s olson, and THEN they toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or whoever it was they toured with, and THEN got signed to to a big label, then yeah comparable. Sorry, Howler have a badge of honour very few will achieve in recent years around here. A recent similar situation now being Night Moves, and who knows what else is on the horizon.. not saying they will all last but they have potential for something exceptional, and a career in music which is not easy to achieve.

    Howler wasn’t well known.. Now they are. They did their thing and international music community took notice. Howler are a band – whether you actually like them or not – who deserve their hype. Polica probably does not.

    ANYWAY, If you don’t like Howler it’s no big deal, but how you frame that is important. I mean, if I was writing the review it would be. Sorry for being such an OCD badger, nice job guys see you soon.

    Oh one more thing – the main problem I have with the Minneapolis music media is they are behind on everything. I wish they could take a god damn risk on something they weren’t familiar with. They either hype the local artists they know and their friends friends know, or wait for something to get big on a national or international level. Someone in media needs some vision and balls in this scene. Someone with attitude. Take a risk and go for it people. Don’t take the safe route. Get new people involved is probably my #1 piece of advice. No more polygamy… get new frames of reference. Get young people for god’s sake. Really young, smart people.

    cheers guys

  4. jonbehm says:

    OK, you got me Old Minneapolis Dude – I admit the howler comment was a shot below the belt. For my part its just frustrating that because we have such a wide range of really interesting and unique music here, it rankles a bit when this generic sounding indie pop band skips to the front of the line and gets international recognition for essentially copying the same tired old formula once again. Yeah, they are talented at writing catchy hooks, etc, etc. and I am probably not giving them the credit they deserve because I’m a grnpy badger as well.

    As for the local music media – I agree with you completely though I am not really sure if you are targeting us or others. We have written about a lot of local bands who operate far outside the realm of the local hype machine so as far as we are concerned, I think its an unfair criticism

  5. Jim Meyer says:

    That’s a kind offer. As you may have noticed, these days my interest lies less in record reviews, more in reviews of the reviewers. We’ll talk.

  6. Jim Meyer says:

    Dear Old Minneapolis Dude
    For starters, if you are older than I, thank God, but I doubt it. Secondly, I think that was a good catch on Howler, and Jon acknowledged. Third, I wonder if you could clarify your last point. From my outside-in view, it seems like local music media are in too BIG of a rush to jump on something, then the thing falls apart, and everybody regroups into something new, and this hamster wheel just spins faster and faster past the point of nonsense. I’m guessing, however, we DO share a complaint that today’s writers are very quick to celebrate a lot of fairly standard pop and rock bands, and verrry slow or scared to tackle something outside that. (Present Reviler company excepted, by and large) As for writers needing to get younger, they all seem awfully young to me, but I’m a REALLY old Mpls. dude. “Polygamy.” Good one. No, Jon, I don’t think The Dude was aiming at Reviler, but only he knows.

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