Picked To Click 2012: Predictions

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12 Responses

  1. solace says:

    my guesses:

    1. Pony Trash
    2. The Chalice
    3. John Mark Nelson
    4. Wiping Out Thousands
    5. Actual Wolf

  2. solace says:

    guessing Strange Names will be in the top 10 too, if not top 5

  3. Travis says:

    The Chalice
    Sophia Eris

  4. Josh says:

    So is the fact that everyone was able to guess pretty close to the top 5 a sign that these bands are clearly and obvisouly the “best new bands” in the Twin Cities or indicative of our echo chamber where we are told over and over how great these bands are, leaving little room for dissent?

  5. solace says:

    Josh, i personally am not really a fan of The Chalice, but I know a lot of folks who love ’em, so i figured they were a sure shot for top 5, but was a little surprised they won.

    really surprised how close my top 5 were, heh

  6. solace says:

    oh, and i should clarify… i don’t dislike The Chalice, they’re just not really my thing.

  7. Guante says:

    I think the Chalice could be really great… in a year or two. Let’s not forget how new they are. I hope the hype around them RIGHT NOW doesn’t hurt their career LATER, if that makes sense.

    My honest evaluation is that their live show is a lot of fun, and they’re all super talented as individuals– it just doesn’t all mesh right now as well as it potentially could, in terms of the songwriting. The album feels a little rushed and a little same-y, although I like the full album a lot more than the choices for singles.

    I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying all that, haha. That’s purely constructive criticism. I want them to be successful. I just hope the scenester group-think doesn’t hurt them as much as it helps them.

  8. Adam Bubolz says:

    I mostly copied your guys’ lists to seem in touch.

  9. zoe says:


    i actually wasn’t surprised to see audio perm up there, with all the buzz they’ve been getting. I also have never heard a lot of these bands/acts. shows how out of touch it’s been for me.

    hi everyone!

  10. Josh says:

    I guess I thought the ship had sailed on Audio Perm—in the sense that they had “clicked.” They have released two albums and countless side projects and have hosted multiple “showcases.” Not saying they don’t deserve it (not at all), just another ?? on who you can vote for. Glad they got some props…I would have def voted for them if I thought they fit the criteria.

    (All the being said, I voted for a band–Mr. Hide–that was around in 2010 and before, but at least had broken up and came back, re-releasing their amazing tape this year—so I thought they had the chance to “click” in a way that Audio Perm already has.)

  11. jonbehm says:

    Audio Perm would have clicked sooner if they had just put a few more stickers up around town

  12. tip says:

    probably true… yes.

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