We Went There: Cat Power

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2 Responses

  1. catpwrfan says:

    It was a great concert but there were technical issues that ranged from feedback to the backing track on Manhattan almost requiring Chan to leave stage to at some times what appeared to be issues with her monitors and reverb. There was what appeared to be a small fight during the early part of the set (thanks humans) in the middle of the standing venue space. Chan seemed to be struggling with a cough but she powered through it and pulled off a great show but I wonder what we would have gotten if she was at 100%. No explanation of why the opening act bailed but I was pleased that the band pulled out 1.5hrs solid. This review of this show lacks some of the critical points that need pointing out. The show was still a good one and I’d go again.

  2. t says:

    Her voice was absolutely mesmerizing .I think the tour behind SUN and the stage show at Mill City Nights in 2012 was a little more fun though.
    My only complaint is my favorite song Metal Heart was not played in 2012 and this show she rearranged it ( which I knew from a show a few months ago on youtube) and I absolutely hated this version.
    That song for me is so perfect and it was totally lost .
    Thanks for the review. I wish I could have been that close.Mix area takes up/ disrupts flow at that place.

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