The Bitters: Warrior


I am sad to be missing out on the Gorilla Vs. Bear SXSW Day Party this year.  Even if last year’s Gorilla Vs. Booze was like 150 degrees and the free beer was gone in a matter of minutes, the musical quality was generally worth it.  Here is a track from one of the bands on this year’s bill (GVB and the Mexican Summer record label) The Bitters.  “Warrior” was one of my favorite tracks last year so I am pretty disappointed to be missing out on it played live in all its anthemic glory.  Ah well, nearly ever band I saw at SXSW last year came to the Twin Cities shortly afterwards so if you, like me, are missing out this year, maybe that will make you feel better.  There is, of course, no substitute for being in Austin in Spring though with a cold Lone Star in one hand and a taco in the other. Sigh..

— Jon Behm

      1. The Bitters - WARRIOR


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  1. Josh says:

    Hellz Yes. My #2 song of last year. Their new LP doesn’t have any songs this good, but is still solid.

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