Nallo: “Submarines” and “Moth”

What’s that old takeaway from Econ 101? As demand for ruckus fuzzed-out folk rock increases, hipsters in Nordeast will sweep out their garages, wax their mustaches, pick up their guitars and deliver? Yeah, it goes something like that. Nallo is the latest act in this vein, a trio of Minneapolitans that join the ranks of Leisure Birds, Hastings 3000, and Bombay Sweets. They’ve released their first single digitally (what, no double 78-rpm Victrola gramophone release?), which includes the superb “Submarines” and “Moth.” Although Nallo seems to be the pet project of frontman Andrew Ranallo, The Miami Dolphins’ bassist, Ronnie Lee, has a hand in the group as well.

Listen up below and download the single from the Nallo Bandcamp page.

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  1. Linda Longie says:

    Love Nallo!’s original music….unique, filled with character, spirited. thanks for featuring

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