Introducing: Brian Just / Show Saturday

In the Twin Cities music scene, fertile environment that it is, every so often an artist will pop out of the ether that you have never heard of, but who somehow already sounds like they have spent the last decade or so cutting their teeth in bands across town.  Songwriter Brian just is just such an artist (at least to me). He’s got a handful of records under his belt. He’s been around long enough to have a clip on his press page. He has a fully mature and refined sound that feels effortless.  I generally try to keep attuned to local music but this guy has been under my radar for apparently years. 
Just has a new record coming out this Saturday called Changing Traffic Lights, and it’s a triumph of psych-leaning folk pop and rock.  Stylistically Just navigates a number of touchpoints, including Brit rock, chamber pop, and folk.  He does it well enough that the styes feel like a cohesive aesthetic, as opposed to trying on different hats. Just has a keen ear for crafting melody and what really brings Changing Traffic Lights together is the infectious nature of each tune. 
Just will be releasing his record (vinyl edition, limited to 200 copies) tomorrow night at the Turf Club (tix here) more info here
     — Jon

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