Janelle Monáe: The ArchAndroid Review (Four Takes)

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12 Responses

  1. jonbehm says:

    Haha – my favorite quote:”George Clinton has to smoke crack to perform this powerfully” 🙂

  2. solace says:

    great album.

    maybe a few songs too long, but oh well.

    interesting that you love ‘Mushrooms & Roses’ so much Jon. unfortunately for me, while that song is interesting, i can’t get over the underwater/weird vocal effect & production to fully embrace that one.

    ‘Locked Inside’ is my favorite song by far

  3. Guante says:

    Because I wanted to keep it short and I really did love the album, I didn’t mention some of the things I didn’t like. I agree that it might be 2-4 songs too long, and though everything is good, everything might not be absolutely necessary. I love the original plan for 4 EPs (this album is #2 and #3 mashed together); I think that would have worked a little better. Partly because the album IS so good, it can be a little exhausting.

    I also didn’t love all the lyrics– some of them feel like first-drafts, but that’s par for the course for most songwriters these days. But they’re good enough, just not mind-blowing. She also say “schizo” a couple of different times which is just kind of juvenile, I think.

    But VERY high hopes for the final chapter of this quadrilogy.

  4. jonbehm says:

    Really solace? I love Mushrooms and Roses weird vocal effects and that guitar is some pure Jimi Hendrix shit. An the strings too? Love it

  5. solace says:

    different strokes as they say…

    wish i did, but the effects grate on me to the point of almost getting a headache

  6. Wowzer Jon, maybe I need to listen a few more times. First few run throughs, I thought she was aiiight …….

    And I shall listen more, I do love her Andre 3000 imitations.

  7. jonbehm says:

    Haha – well it’s my turn to pull the metacritic card – ArchAndroid is currently tied for the top ranked album of the year over there.

    I realize everyone doesn’t feel the same as I do but for me after only three or four listens I was already pretty sure that this might become one of my all time favorite records. I didn’t even mind the length

  8. solace says:

    as much as i do like the record, it’s just not a style of music that i love unfortunately, therefore i doubt i’ll listen to a ton after this summer really.

    but there’s often cases where i appreciate an album more than I actually outright enjoy it personally, so it’s nothing new.

    i’m not surprised one bit at all the love she’s getting.

  9. critics loved Macy Gray too.

  10. jonbehm says:

    Does this mean that Janelle Monae is going to be in the next Spider Man movie?

  11. Miffed says:

    Dessa’s review was just catty and didn’t give insight to anything other than the fact that she should hang onto her ego.

    “I know where it goes, it goes down.”

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