Elephant Six Surprise Holiday Tour Coming To Minneapolis!

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  1. solace says:

    fwiw, it’s not actually any of those bands touring, this is the press release info:

    “The Elephant 6 orchestra consists of Will Cullen Hart, Bill Doss, Peter Erchick, John Fernandes, Julian Koster, Scott Spillane, Andrew Rieger, Laura Carter, Derek Almstead , Heather McIntosh, Bryan Poole, Theo Hilton, Robbie Cucchiaro and others that will play the music of The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, Circulatory System, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Gerbils, Nana Grizol, Major Organ and Adding Machine, Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t, plus games, films & other surprises.”

  2. solace says:

    but yes, would be pretty damn cool if Jeff showed up at a few of these like he did on the 2008 version of it.

  3. jonbehm says:

    So what your saying is, even if every single member of Olivia Tremor Control will on on this tour, and they will be playing OTC songs, I still can’t say that the band is actually playing?

    Sort of like saying “Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney will be going on tour playing sets of Black Keys covers. This won’t be a Black Keys tour though.”

    Plus, probably half these people are in multiple E6 bands listed. I think it is probably as close to full band lineups for many of these bands as we are going to see

  4. solace says:

    hah, well your initial post makes it sound like all of those bands are playing is all, it’s a bit misleading as it’s a bunch of E6 alumni playing the songs of those bands, rather than those bands in full. :).

    plus i don’t see Eric Harris on that list re: OTC ;P

  5. solace says:

    there’s a really great live stream of their show from DC in ’08 here:


    Set List

    “His Mister’s Pet Whistles” (Major Organ and the Adding Machine)
    “Yesterday’s World” (Circulatory System)
    “Love Athena” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    “NYC 25” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    “The Afternoon” (The Apples in Stereo)
    “Minister of Logitude” (The Music Tapes) (This song was omitted at the artist’s request)
    “Snorkel” (The Gerbils)
    “Lead” (The Gerbils)
    “Spiral Stairs” (Elf Power)
    “Old Familiar Scene” (Elf Power)
    “Karaoke Free” (Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t)
    “I Have Been Floated” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    Filmstrip Intermission (Brian Dewan)
    “Kolyada #2” (Julian Koster)
    “No Growing” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    “Stream Running Over” (The Apples in Stereo)
    “Devils” (63 Crayons)
    “Back to the Web” (Elf Power)
    “The Arrow Flies” (Elf Power)
    “Songs for Oceans Falling” (The Music Tapes)
    “Television Tells Us” (This song was omitted at the artist’s request)
    A poem reading by Thax Douglas
    “Cynicism” (Nana Grizol)
    “Ginsberg” (Nana Grizol)
    “Two Skies” (The Gerbils)
    “My Honor” (The Gerbils)
    “Mister Henry” (Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t)
    “Solid Forms Dissolve” (Circulatory System)
    “A Sleepy Company” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    “A Sunshine Fix” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    “The Fool” (Neutral Milk Hotel)
    “Life Forms (Transmission Received)” (Major Organ and the Adding Machine)


    “Everything You Ever Hoped or Worked For” (Nana Grizol)
    “Blackbox (Constellations)” (Nana Grizol)
    “Glue” (The Gerbils)
    “The Opera House” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    “Skyway” (The Apples in Stereo)
    “Neon Globe” (The Olivia Tremor Control)
    “Manifest Destiny” (The Music Tapes)
    “Forever” (Circulatory System)
    “Engine” (Neutral Milk Hotel)

  6. solace says:

    err, sorry, Chicago

  7. This is a great celebration.
    This is beautiful and enchanting.

    I love this.
    Thank you for posting.

  8. Larisa Mar says:

    y todo lo mejor

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