MaLLy & The Sundance Kid: “Shine”

Twin Citian rapper MaLLy has been dropping single after single lately. The latest one, “Shine,” comes from his forthcoming record The Last Great…, which is officially out on May 15th. Like his last offering, “Shine” features the production styling of Sundance Kid, who produced all of the forthcoming record. Unlike what we have heard recently, though, “Shine” has a bit more modern sound than the gritty, ’90s-era East Coast vibe we’ve become accustomed to.  MaLLy’s no-nonsense cadence is the same, but the production sounds slicker and a little “clubby.” MaLLy brags, but at the same time he’s pretty self-deprecating. Focus on the tune and its not hard to see yourself in some dark, swank, dance-spot.

—Jon Behm

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