Stream: Control’s “Schulte, A”

Control is a math-rock trio out of Madison, Wisconsin. They play tightly constructed tunes that utilize jazz rhythms (courtesy of skillfully played drums and bass) as well as fitful, angular guitars. While they consider art-punk bands like Fugazi and the Minutemen their influences, it’s also not difficult to pick up traces of funk, new wave, and metal. The band just recorded Schulte, A, the first in a three part “art/music” series put out by Madison’s Science of Sound Studios. No word yet on what exactly the other two parts will be (additional EPs?), but for now you can stream Schulte, A in its entirety over at the band’s bandcamp site.  It was apparently named after Amber Schulte who designed the cover you see above.

Stream Schulte, A

—Jon Behm

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