Photos: Metric at the State Theatre

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5 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    Did they oil her up before the show or were her legs just sweating profusely?

  2. RockOnMN says:

    I love Metric! Sort of reminds me of MS MR, actually. I just pre-ordered Candy Bar Creep Show from so they’re kind of in the forefront of my mind haha

  3. solace says:

    @Josh, lol…

    i was right up front for this show and her legs just below her shorts definitely had some sort of oil or sheen to them right when she came out, but she did end up sweating a lot and by the end her legs were shiny more of the way down.

    great photos Chad, this was such a fantastic show. had seen them a handful of times before, but this one bested all of ’em by far.

  4. solace says:

    btw, dig the redesign

  5. Chad says:

    thanks Solace. this was a super fun show, I really enjoyed it.

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