Favorite Shots of 2016 (Adam)

As a supplement to our Best Of 2016, our photographers share their 15 favorite shots of the year.

NOTS at Eagles Club 34 (10/22)

The Hussy at the Triple Rock (1/23)

Lifestyles at the Hexagon (1/22)

Xylouris White at First Avenue (2/11)

Video at the 7th Street Entry (2/27)

Beach Slang at the Triple Rock (4/25)

Behemoth at Mill City Nights (4/30)

Iggy Pop at Northrop Auditorium (4/4)

Paul Collins Beat at Eagles Club 34 (4/22)

Thou at Migration Fest (8/13)

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments at Cropped Out (9/24)

Peelander Yellow at Ramen Kazama Rama (9/18)

The Blind Shake at Ramen Kazama Rama (9/18)

Fred and Toody Cole at Cropped Out (9/24)

Super Thief at Reverie (1/27)

Adam Bubolz

Writer / photographer / Reviler co-founder

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