Delaney Davidson: Self Decapitation Review

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4 Responses

  1. Marcel Miner says:

    Listen I end up here looking for totally other stuff! Anyway i read here and I think i will come back again. Good job

  2. Natalie says:

    When Delaney came and stayed with me over this past summer (I am also a Minnesotan, and went to his show at Palmer’s)… I did my best with getting his music out there. I sent The Current both of his CD’s and tried to get him some other shows at better venues than Palmer’s. It’s sad that places like The Cedar Cultural Center will rudely reject such a talent to play, but support the local music (laking much talent).

    The Current has still yet to add his music to their library (it’s been 6 months).

    I also am the running the Facebook group (which I got the link of this post from).

    Keep up the good work and the wonderful pictures!


  3. jonbehm says:

    Glad you are supporting him Natalie – Delaney is certainly deserving of a much larger audience! Hopefully one of these days everyone wises up

    I don’t really agree that our local scene is lacking talent though…

    An the Cedar is generally great – did they turn him down for a show or something?


    Hey John,

    Hows things Mr?? I Hope you are well.

    No they didnt turn me down, they just never replied.

    I met the guy who runs the place and we had a great night chatting about a show potentially we were gonna do together. this show didnt work out, and that was clear, but when I tried to get in touch with John for the Cedar Cultural Centre when I was coming back through Minnesota, I never got any reply at all.

    I guess I am used to no replies coming back for dates you ask for, or shows you try and organise, I was just suprised not to get anything back from the CCC, they seemed so good!!

    Oh well, never mind, as they say….

    Thanks a lot for the really supportive reviews Jon, I post them a lot. Thanks too Natalie, for defending me on the internet…

    Hope to see you guys again sometime…

    greetings from Venice Beach California.

    yours truly,

    Delaney Davidson

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