Live Review: Ramblin’ Jack Elliott at the Cedar Cultural Center

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15 Responses

  1. Adam Bubolz says:

    I completely agree with your review, especially about the openers. Could have actually done without that whole part.

  2. Jeremy Hovda says:

    Great pictures! – especially for having to do them on the dl.

  3. Buzz says:

    In what way were you embarrassed by the “tap dancing clown?” What made you feel uncomfortable about that performance? To just label an act as “mildly embarrassing” without any sort of context does little to benefit your audience. Instead it comes off more as a spiteful jab than credible journalism.

  4. jonbehm says:

    I wasn’t at this show but from the sound of it someone dressed us as a clown and tap danced? In front of an audience? I don’t think much more of an explanation is needed as to why someone might find that sort of embarrassing. That’s sort of like saying “what is it about the water that you found wet?”

  5. Buzz says:

    Embarrassing for who? Was the clown embarrassed for tap dancing in front of a crowd riddled with preconceptions? Did it blush beneath its make-up, upon coming to that realization? Or was the writer of this review embarrassed, feeling violated by some performer with a desire to present herself in way the writer was unprepared for? Was the writer offended that this person didn’t take herself more seriously? I can see that as a possibility…but embarrassed? Why be embarrassed? Embarrassed that someone might see you witnessing it?

    Or was this clown presenting itself as a master tap dancer WITH the desire to be taken seriously?

    So, no…just saying something was slightly embarrassing because it included a tap dancing clown at a Ramblin’ Jack show doesn’t say much to me. Did you know that Ramblin’ Jack ran away with a carnival at one point in his life, joined a rodeo at another. Both included clowns. Maybe this performer was more twistedly-in-tune than you think. Bringing another dimension to the performance than a predictable guitar and stool could ever provide. Maybe we’d all had enough of stools, sheet music and guitars by that point.

  6. Soozie says:

    Well, now I’m embarrassed for Buzz, but also thoroughly amused by his/her last post hahaha.

  7. Guitarded says:

    Why would one be embarrassed for Buzz?

  8. Jamey says:

    Wow, the Minneapolis music scene, as a generalization, can be so formulaic. Play music the way it is expected or be considered a freak and a clown. Is it stuffy inside those boxes?

  9. jonbehm says:

    Is it such a stretch to consider someone who dresses up as a clown to be a clown?

    Aren’t clowns, by their very nature, not to be taken seriously?

    And what does Crispin Glover think about it?

  10. karl says:

    I guess the definition of “reviler” (one who assails with abusive language) should have tipped everybody off to the fact that the reviewer in question isn’t a “journalist” per se, but rather just your average, every day a-hole on a mission to bring people down.
    in the words of Bob Dylan–a man once close to Ramblin’ Jack’s heart–“he cares not to come up higher, but rather pull you down in the hole that he’s in.”
    good luck with the karma, bub.

  11. karl says:

    Oh, and he also has obviously never seen any of Ramblin’ Jack’s performance on the Rolling Thunder tour–in which he had hearts and tears painted on his cheeks. His first guitar teacher was a banjo-playing rodeo clown. If this wasn’t a tribute to the man and his history, I don’t know what is.

  12. Soozie says:

    Thanks for the nightmares, Jon! You know how much Crispin Glover scares me!

  13. Soozie says:

    Oh, and from now on, I will remember to take all clowns, tap dancing or otherwise, seriously. I will go back and re-evaluate all of my interactions with clowns. For instance, when Bozo the Clown mashed that cream pie into his face, I bet he was actually using that pie as a metaphor for his stance on gay rights. Shame on us all for laughing.

  14. JK says:

    I know that I’ve certainly had enough of stools.

  15. Jeremy Hovda says:

    I would think clown-lovers would be nicer people. They’re so hostile!

    Was I supposed to give an honest review, or uncritically accept and laud whatever the performer chose to put forward?

    This controversy reminds me of that line from Woody Allen: “If a guy comes out onstage at Carnegie Hall and throws up, you can always find some people who will call it art.”

    Sorry I’m not that person.

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