Pitchfork Day One: Jon’s Take

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2 Responses

  1. tiger-fan #1 says:

    where are the BSS pics at, bra?

    robyn’s been dancing like that and acting all Janelle-lite for years. like a decade-years.

    el-p is widely known as being immature, especially as a lyricist. most people agree that company flow never had game. that and i could barely hear smithereens & the overly dramatic truth over all the “you are not doing much to raise my generally low expectations” chants. dead on there.

    oh, and liars are neither british, nor punk.

    keep swingin’, tiger.

  2. jonbehm says:

    Hey, it’s not my fault if Janelle does it and does it better

    That was a mistake about Liars though, you got me there. Don’t really understand what you are talking about in the El-P bit though.

    Oh and at leat I have the balls to attach my own name to something I write about 😉

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